How did that happen? Andrew and I are back in Western Australia. We're currently spending half of our time in Perth and half in a town called Bunbury. It looks like we will be here for at least six months. We have already been home for just under a month and are suffering from itchy feet but sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. We are back in Australia for now.

We left Chiang Mai in a hurry. We had gone there for a rest after doing an awesome train trip all the way around Taiwan. We left Thailand and got home around a month earlier than planned. Don't worry, Andrew and I still have a lot to write about Taiwan. It really is an amazing country!

I (Tanya) received some sad news about one of my sisters and we both jumped on a plane the following day. Before leaving we ate a mountain of Thai food and attempted to get a month's worth of massages. We arrived in Perth at 5:30am and were picked up at the airport by my father. Thanks Dad! We headed straight down to Bunbury, caught up with mum, and then my sister.

Thankfully, after two weeks, my sister was well enough to leave hospital, so everything is looking up. However, it does look like we will be in the area for at least six months. We have mixed feelings about this.

We had originally planned to be in Western Australia for two months. After that our favourite plan for the future was to head to Japan for three months, Korea for three months, then into China, Russia, and on into Europe for the end of 2013. There is no saying that we can't do that eventually, we just won't be leaving in January for another long stint like we had planned.

Andrew and I hope to still head to Japan mid January for a month before returning to Western Australia. We booked the flight to Japan a few months back and they're non-transferable and non-refundable so we kind of HAVE to go. After that, we are unsure of what life holds for us.

We certainly know that we are not changing our lifestyles. We have worked hard to gain our independence and to fit our lives into a pair of backpacks. We have designed our lifestyle to be something that both of us love and enjoy on a daily basis. Now however, instead of working a few hours in the morning then exploring another part of the world in the afternoon, we have to explore our own backyard for a while.

What about Magic Travel Blog? Don't worry, we will still be writing regularly for you. There is a lot about Taiwan we haven't told you and of course there's Australia. Expect a lot of awesome stories, things to do and photos coming soon. In the meantime, please forgive us if there is a few delays between posts on the website, on Facebook and on Twitter. We are trying very hard to get back in the swing of things.

I am interested in hearing other people's stories who have been in a similar situation. How did you cope? Share your stories here…

4 thoughts on “Dealing With Change

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the reasons that have brought you back to WA, but I must say that I am excited to see your future posts on Perth and surrounding areas, as I will be moving back there in December! (I have even been to Bunbury!)

    1. Thanks Emily 🙂 Perth and Bunbury are both very pretty places particularly in summer. Perhaps we should meet up in Perth when you are back also 🙂 Let us know, we always love catching up with fellow travellers 🙂

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