Chumphon Accommodation – Nana Buri Hotel Review

We were originally only intending on spending one night in Chumphon. We would arrive by ferry from Koh Tao, get some sleep, maybe have a wander around town the next day then get on the train for Phetchaburi. We booked our single night at the Nana Buri hotel on the net and thought “job done.” Then we arrived in Chumphon and checked in. Man oh man was our room nice!

Sure, it wasn't the cheapest room we ever stayed in but it was very very reasonable. After spending weeks on the islands staying in bungalows of highly variable quality the squeaky clean floors, effective yet quiet air-conditioning and crisp clean bedding were simply magnificent. We had an appointment to keep in Phetchaburi and didn't have much wiggle room in our schedule but we decided we could squeeze in a second night. The very friendly reception staff happily obliged.

The room itself was huge. I'm not sure if there were plans for a coffee table and lounges or if they just wanted to leave enough space for the guests to walk their dog in their room but it definitely wasn't cramped.

The bed was extremely firm. It is what is commonly referred to as “a Thai bed”. That means really really hard. This is a Thai hotel primarily catering to Thai customers so, naturally, they have Thai beds. If you're used to soft western beds the Thai beds will take some getting used to but you do eventually get used to them.

We didn't have any problems with the wifi. The Internet access was fast and not flaky at all.

Breakfast was included and was served in the restaurant on the ground floor. Although a lot of what was on offer wasn't to our tastes, at least not first thing in the morning, there was plenty of variety so we still had more than enough to eat.

In addition to rooms like ours there were also large suites available. There is a photo of the living room area of one of them below. We're not sure how much they cost but, judging by the prices of everything else, I doubt it would be as heart stopping as you might expect.

The Nana Buri Hotel was a great place to stay. Relatively cheap, super clean and comfortable, hard bed aside. It became yet another reason why it's a real shame most people just blow through Chumphon on their way to the islands or Bangkok. Next time you're passing through try to find the time to kick back in Chumphon for a day or two. You won't regret it.

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  1. The hotel seems located in good location and peace environment. The rooms looks like comfortable.

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