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Heading to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand for a month or longer? Check out Ban Jed Yod in the Chet Yod/Jed Yod area of the north western part of Chiang Mai. We loved it here. It is safe to say that if we were to go back to Chiang Mai for a month or more this is the place we would go to first.

Ban Jed Yod has everything a person could ever need in a long term rental apartment. The building is kept meticulously clean. All walls, windows, gardens, and floors inside and out are cleaned every day. This makes for a pleasant experience as some apartment complexes aren't nearly as meticulous.

Everybody who works at Ban Jed Yod seem to be happy to be working there. They will always make conversation with you whether in English or Thai. It doesn't matter. They are just happy to have you staying at their apartment building.

Ban Jed Yod – Ban Jed Yod Building


The complex is six stories high. On the ground floor you will find parking for motorbikes and cars. For a few baht, the staff will happily wash your car or motorbike for you. There is also an electronic air pump to fill up the tyres on your car, motorbike or bicycle. There is an attendant there 24 hours a day so security is no problem.

Ban Jed Yod – Heaps Of Car Parking
Ban Jed Yod – Heaps Of Motorbike Parking


Along with the parking, you will find an outdoor restaurant that is open most days from about 8am till late. The meals that they make here are actually really good and very reasonably priced. One of the best Tom Kah Gai's we found in Chiang Mai was from this restaurant. It was even made with real tamarind seeds. Mmm yum. The best part about this place is that if you go down stairs to order the food, they will happily bring it up to your room. This was great when one of us was sick.

Ban Jed Yod – The Restaurant On The Ground Floor


Ban Jed Yod Coffee Shop could also be found on the ground floor. This was an inside cafe though. With very strong air conditioning, working free wifi, nice cakes and cheap coffee. The seats are comfortable too. We would sometimes come down here to work during the day just for something different.

Ban Jed Yod – The Cafe On The Ground Floor


The information desk is inside the building. They are open from 8:00am till 5:00pm every day of the week. There also seemed to be someone there even in the evening so there was always someone to around to help. The staff that work in the Information area and the coffee shop all speak very good English so are able to help you when required.

Next to the information desk is a lift. This is very helpful for when you are moving in or out of the building. It's not much fun having to carry up all your belongings up 3 or 4 flights of stairs. There are of course stairs available if you do want to get some exercise.

On the ground floor you'll also find free filtered water to fill up your water bottles. We actually saw the filter being serviced a couple of times in our four week stay. It is nice to know the residents are being looked after.

Just outside the back door of the complex is the laundry service area. The washing machines are 20 Baht per use. Save those 10 Baht coins. They are actually hard to come by! The washing machines are extremely clean and worked perfectly. They also provided a dryer service. For only 50 Baht, you can have your load of washing dried for you. Sometimes it is nice to be lazy.

Ban Jed Yod – Ooh Yeah Filtered Water To Fill Up Our Bottles
Ban Jed Yod – Laundry Service – 20 Baht Per Wash, Will Dry It All for 50 Baht


And, now the apartments. There are three different styles of apartment on offer at Ban Jed Yod. The one we chose is the Studio Room. This is the basic option with 33sqm2 of space, kitchenette, aircon, desk, cable tv etc. The cost of the Studio Room is 7000 to 8000 Baht per month, depending on the floor you're on, when you sign a contract of two or more months.

There is also a Deluxe Version which is larger in size and some also include a bath. This type of room costs between 8000 and 12000 baht per month when you sign a contract of two or more months.

On the sixth floor you will find the ultimate of all the apartments, the Executive Type. Along with everything the studio and the Deluxe has to offer the executive includes a living area with couch. Lah de dah. The cost of the Executive Suite is 20,000 baht per month when sign a contract of two or more months.

We checked out both the Studio and the Deluxe styles at Ban Jed Yod. The Studio Room was certainly big enough for both of us. We signed a one month contract at 9000 Baht per month. We had to pay a higher price due to us only staying for one month. If you sign a contract for longer than two months the cost of the studio room will be 7000 / 8000 per month.

The price of the room goes up the higher floor you are on. We were staying one floor three of the complex.

The monthly cost does not include electricity or water. At the end of each month, readings of the meter will be done and then you just need to pay them. Easy peasy.

Ban Jed Yod – Our Thai Bed Looking To The Front Door


We loved our massive apartment at Ban Jed Yod. It was all minimalist designed with clean lines and all white and silver. Bliss. All the furniture was new. The bedding was included and very clean. The bed itself was Thai style. Very hard. If you are planning to stay for longer than a month we do recommend you purchase a mattress topper of some sort to place on top of the original mattress if you don't like a hard bed. Andrew got used to it quickly. I did not.

Along with the bed, a shoe cabinet and a little make up table, there were two very large wardrobes with shelves for us to store our stuff. We didn't have much stuff to store so one wardrobe held our empty backpacks while the other held our three t-shirts each.

Ban Jed Yod – The Desk And Awesome Office Chair


We were blessed to have a proper desk and office chair in our apartment. That office chair was used a lot. We loved it. It was like a lounge chair for us. All soft and pleathery and it even rocked. The office area also included a little cupboard to put all our office stuff in it. Lots of storage in this apartment.

Sadly the Internet connection was a bit of a drag. There were plenty of wifi networks so wifi signal strength was never a problem. The networks didn't require a password. Instead when you opened your browser you were directed to a web page where you would enter one of the username/password combinations provided, one per device. This system was presumably set up with the intention of tracking down people slowing others' net access by downloading movies and music. Something about this system didn't work quite right causing us to have to log in to websites over and over. If you're not working on the net this won't be a problem. If you do spend much of the day online it is a small but constant annoyance.

Although we didn't really use the kitchen, there was a single gas hotplate to use. The bottle is in the cupboard underneath the hotplate and sink. Why cook when you can get anything you want from restaurants nearby for under 100 Baht ($3.50) including spaghetti?! A kettle, microwave and fridge were also provided.

We did have to supply our own cutlery to use. A packet of four plastic plates and bowls and two mugs and we had a working kitchen. We also purchased a toaster so that we could have toast.

Beyond the kitchen window is the balcony area. We didn't really use the balcony except to hang up our washing. Oh, a laundry rack was also supplied.

Ban Jed Yod – Cable TV, Airconditioning and Awesome Kitchen With Gas Cooktop


Cable TV was provided with a number of English channels. There were even German channels although we don't understand German so that didn't help us. And air conditioning. Mustn't forget the air conditioning. This worked very well. And we may have used it more than was necessary.

Access to the bathroom was through the kitchen. The bathroom was very nicely designed with a comfortable western sized toilet. There was also a shower with a glass screen and really hot water. Lovely.

Ban Jed Yod – Awesome Bathroom


But wait, there is more. On the sixth floor of Ban Jed Yod you will find a swimming pool! It is gorgeous up there. It is a pool with a view. We know that the photo does not do the view justice but it was burning season when this photo was taken. Smoke everywhere. To be honest, we didn't spend too much time swimming in it either. It was too cold for us at the time. Heh.


Ban Jed Yod – The Pool With A View


And that is our apartment at Ban Jed Yod in Chiang Mai, Thailand. To see more of the apartment and the building check out our video below. Beyond the video you will see a map showing the apartment buildings exact location and contact details.


Ban Jed Yod
Address: 155/10 M.2, Soi Yu Yen, Chang Phuak, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300
Tel: 053-221777 Fax: 053-225777

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Ban Jed Yod – The Sign From The Road

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  1. Great photos from Chiang Mai! With a pool on the roof of the accommodation, that is pretty awesome and the aparment rooms look rather spacious. Sounds like a popular place to stay when in Thailand.

    1. Thanks for visiting. Ban Jed Yod is certainly a great place to stay when in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Check it out when you go over there 🙂

  2. Greetings,

    Thanks for the great review.
    Now i know where to stay in chiang mai.

    I tried to call them but I there was nobody answering the phone.


  3. Great post! My husband and I just moved to Chiang Mai and stumbled upon your apartment review of Ban Jed Yod. We liked it so much we visited the place and ended up signing a lease! We just wanted to say thank you for making it so easy for us to find an apartment and that I’d like to mention your review in my budding blog. Cheers!

    1. Hi Angela, you are more than welcome! I am glad you like the place. You may see us there at some time in the near future 🙂

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  5. Price has gone up from what I can tell. They wanted 11k/each 2 month minimum + 11l deposit! All in one shot. Seems a bit excessive compared to other options. Its a nice place though regardless.

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