Best Ugly Orange Lamp Ever!

Previously I was not a big fan of my wife's old orange lamp. Sorry, not old, vintage. Frankly, if had been up to me, it would have gone in the bin a long time ago. Fortunately my wife demanded we hold onto it.

Our daughter Zoe is currently 4 weeks old. My wife and I are up several times a night to ensure that Zoe stays clean, dry and fed until morning.

Getting up throughout the night and doing stuff requires some amount of light. After much practice I can stagger to the toilet without much light but navigating the the scattered furniture between the bed and the changing table is a different matter. If we were stubbing toes left and right no one would be sleeping well. Some sort of night light is in order.

Orange lamp to the rescue.


This orange monstrosity now stays on from the time the grown ups go to bed until morning. It is just bright enough to allow us to change and feed Zoe but not so bright that it wakes us up, as a bright white light tends to do. That makes it possible for all of us to wake up, to attend to our various baby related tasks and then all immediately go straight back to sleep.

As an added bonus Zoe is entranced by it. Most of her night time changes are spent staring up at it silently adoring its warm glow.

Thanks to that lamp, after four weeks of my sleep being far less disrupted than it could have been, I have changed my tune. All praise to the orange lamp. Long may it reign over our night time chores.


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