Batu Caves In Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves is definitely on the Kuala Lumpur “must see” list. It's a large cave that opens out into large space that is open to the sky but enclosed by rock. There are a number of Hindu statues scattered around. For bonus points there are even monkeys running around.

One of the train lines extends all the way out to Batu Caves so getting there was just a case of catching a train to KL Sentral, switching lines then watching the world go by until a giant gold statue appeared.

A statue of Murugun and stairs. Lots of stairs.

The highlight was probably actually the monkeys. In particular seeing a guy, who was apparently under the impression that a group of young monkeys would stop what they were doing and pose for a photograph if he bugged them enough, being ambushed by a protective older monkey. The backs of his trouser legs never saw it coming.

Babies and baby sitter

Due to the extreme heat and all the walking we've been doing we've become big fans of a dessert/snack called cendol. It's shaved ice mixed with condensed milk, a brightly colored sweet syrup, bits of jelly and sometimes other things like peanuts.

Sweet icey goodness

The only thing you have to watch our for while sitting by the road cooling down eating your cendol is the bug spray trucks. To keep the mosquito numbers down there are trucks that cruise the streets spraying out what smells like pretty typical bug spray. They're typically accompanied by one or more guys who look like something out of a post apocalyptic science fiction movie. They're equipped with a sort of back pack super bug sprayer and wander around dealing death to all insects that cross their path.

That's not mist. It's bug spray.

We also happened to witness a store opening in a particularly glamorous shopping center. We were a bit excited although a local woman pointed out that there were 600 stores in this particular center and there was a new store opening almost every week. Still, it was interesting to see people all dolled up drinking free champagne while we shuffled past in our sandals.

Some guy we'd never heard of did eventually cut the ribbon

That same shopping center also contained this store. It's all DC Comics super hero clothing, toys etc. If you were wondering how you could easily fill your wardrobe with Joker themed clothing then wonder no longer.

Finally, I believe the intention here is to disguise mobile phone towers. To make them appear more natural so they blend in. I'm not sure its really working. It's an interesting idea though.

What mobile phone towers?

12 thoughts on “Batu Caves In Kuala Lumpur

  1. I never got to go to Batu last time I was in Malaysia but I would love to go there one day. I hear so many great things about it.

  2. Hey – really great blog 🙂 Can you tell me how long you reckon I should spend there? We are planning to arrive in KL at 7am, go straight to the caves and then come back to KL on the evening to get the bus through to Melaka all on the same day – do-able? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Louise, Thanks for reading our blog post! I can’t be certain but I am pretty sure you could do the caves in the morning and then head to Melaka in the afternoon. From memory, the train ride from KL Sentral to Batu Caves was maybe 30 minutes in travel time… then you spend an hour maybe 2 at the caves, then head back to KL. You could catch a bus in the late afternoon, no problem. An idea of bus times can be found here. Also, we wrote a blog post about getting from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka here. Hope that all helped 🙂

      1. Hi Tanya, Can you tell me, If I want to go to Melaka after I leave from Batu? How much time i need to spend? Bus is available?

  3. Awesome thanks Tanya! Did u by chance go to the endau rompin national park in Johor? We’re tossing up between that and tioman or rawa island (we don’t have a lot of time) and if we could do the NP in 2 days 1 night…

    1. Hi Louise, Nope, we didn’t make it out that way. I think you should just extend your holiday to 3 months in Malaysia! Then you still won’t have enough time to see everything! Have a great time 🙂

  4. Haha I wish!! But already taking a month off work and having to spend most of it in the uk to please my mother so I don’t think I’ll get away with another 3!

  5. Hi Tanya,

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Makes me feel ashame, I was born in Kuala Lumpur, lived for few years. I don’t know how to get about in KL not know where to visit. Your blog been really really helpful. thank you.

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