Bangkok Restaurant – Rasayana Raw and Living Food Cafe Review

Raw food restaurants aren't exactly a theme. Still, we jumped at the chance to go and visit Rasayana Raw and Living Food Cafe in Bangkok to sample some raw food and we certainly were not disappointed!

Finding Rasayana Raw and Living Food Cafe was a little hard. Their website did provide a street address and a link to a Google map as well as their location in Pattaya however we still found it hard to find. Getting there involved turning down three or four unsigned little streets so it was probably surprising that we found it as quick as we did. It would be easy to get back to once you know where it is but that's little consolation the first time around. We made sure to save the location when we go there. We have included a map at the end of this post.

We have had some experience with raw food meals. In particular, delicious cakes and slices. We were both keen to try more and tried to not get too excited about the possibility of enjoying a really tasty three course meal.

To start with, we both ordered Wheatgrass Cocktails. Tanya chose the Pure Green Cocktail – a delicious blend of celery, spinach, parsley and wheatgrass. Andrew chose the Green Apple Cocktail – a sweet blend of apple and wheatgrass. So tasty and so healthy.

It took us ages to choose what we were going to eat. We honestly could have ordered one of everything as the menu was that good. In the end, Tanya ordered the Pasta Contone – a delicious meal consisted of marinated zucchini noodles topped with a fresh and creamy sauce.

Andrew's choice was the winner of the dishes, if we had to pick one. He chose the Nut Loaf – Savory nut loaf made with almonds, fresh vegetables, herbs and spice which was topped with tomato sauce and a cream sauce.

Even though we were full from the delicious raw and living food we had just devoured we had to have dessert. Raw Banoffee Pie and Pumpkin Pie were ordered and devoured just as quick. How could something raw be so delicious! Complimentary Green Tea was served with the dessert. Now we were just too full, but honestly, we could have eaten more.

Dining at Rasayana Raw and Living Food Cafe in Bangkok was not cheap. It cost us 800 Baht for two wheatgrass cocktails, two main meals and two desserts. We wouldn't have changed a thing though. In fact, we were annoyed that we forgot to purchase the Beetroot Cookies and Seed Bars on the way out.

Rasayana Raw and Living Food Cafe is open from 10am to 8pm. Their address is: 57 Soi Prom-mitr, Sukhumvit 39,Klonton-nua, Wattana Bangkok.

To get to Rasayana Raw and Living Food Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand, take the BTS sky train to Phrom Prom station, and exit towards Soi 39. From Soi 39, either can take a tuk tuk or taxi directly to Rasayana Cafe or walk the distance. It would be about a 5 minute car ride or a 20 minute walk.

In addition to the cafe Rasayana offers mind, body and soul detox programs. You can stay at the Rasayaya Retreat and be totally transformed, for a moderate price. Tanya would love to do a retreat. Andrew is less enthusiastic.

More information can be found on Rasayana Retreat's website by clicking here.

We are always looking out for Raw Food Restaurants to get a dose of healthy food. If you know of any other throughout Asia please let us know in the comments field below.

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