Bangkok Motorbike Festival

The Bangkok Motorbike Festival banner

We stumbled on the Bangkok Motorbike festival quite by accident. We were happily wandering around exploring Bangkok when we happened upon a large marquee with several rows of shiny bikes out the front. Chance it seems, had smiled upon us.

Stepping inside we were greeted by an array of displays containing motorcycles of all shapes and sizes, from the very large to the very small.

Wiping off the drool and grubby fingerprints is a full-time job

Tanya found some bikes more to her liking

There were of course a sizable contingent of scantily clad young women posing awkwardly on and around some of the bikes.

Guys taking photos of the bikes. Yeah, the bikes.

Guys taking photos of the bikes. Yeah, the bikes.

Being Thailand, scooters were well represented with all the usual suspects putting in an appearance. These little two wheelers are the work horses of south east Asia and millions of people use them to get around.

While in Asia we've seen scooters re-purposed do all sorts of jobs. Mostly carrying cargo that seems impossible heavy or awkward for such a small vehicle. We once saw one being used to transfer car engines between wreckers here in Bangkok. We've seen a scooter being used to carry hundreds of chicken eggs a number of times. We have however never seen one with a side car.

I'm not quite sure what this gentleman's deal was. He was wandering around taking photos of his action figures in front of various bikes. Seemed harmless enough. To each their own.

Alrighty then...

Bangkok recently suffered some fairly severe flooding. Pride of place within the marquee was devoted to a little bike that had been modified to serve as an impromptu watercraft. Quite ingenious really. The rear wheel drives a propeller while the front wheel controls the rudders. It truly is the little bike that could.

Royal Enfield had a sizable presence. I haven't really noticed any Enfields on the road so I guess they're trying to get their foot in the door.

There were a number of customs scattered around. Again, to each their own. I'm sure quite of the point of attempting to turn a motorcycle into a minivan...

Too cool for school

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