Australia Again

Well we've been in Perth for two months or so I guess. I'm settling into a new job while Tanya is doing most of the leg work that goes into organising a wedding. Speaking of which, Tanya and I are engaged! 🙂 We've already done a big chunk of the organising but there are still plenty of details to iron out. It's quite handy having one of us available to deal with wedding stuff during the day so there's no rush for Tanya to go back to full-time work.

We're still having a bit of a hard time adjusting back to the Australian way of live. There are however some upsides to being here that are immediately apparent...
south perth in Perthsouth beach break

The beaches here are as fantastic as ever. The pictures above are South beach which is about 10 minutes from home. It's very sheltered which is why there's no surf. The climate is lovely to although as we're heading into summer it's starting to become hot enough to be really unpleasant. It's been in the high 30s (Celsius) for the last few days. Apparently it got to 39.2 ºC (102.56 ºF) today and shows no sign of cooling down anytime soon. I'm not looking to the 40+ degree days.

There is a really nice little market near us on Sunday morning. I'm quite enjoying being able to drop in on a Sunday morning to get some fresh fruit and an organic, phosphate free bacon and egg sandwich 😀

market near our place in WillageeWhat with us having a wedding coming up there is of course a honeymoon to plan. At the moment we're tossing up between Vietnam and Japan. Details of the honeymoon and what promises to be a scorching hot Christmas to follow...


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