An Airport Themed Shopping Center in Bangkok - Terminal 21

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Now Boarding!

Terminal 21 - An airport themed shopping centre in the middle of Bangkok. Now, this is what I call taking the term "themed" to a new level. Terminal 21 has nine floors in total. Nine themed floors. Nine floors of shopping pleasure!

From the moment you walk off the skytrain at the Asok BTS and start to enter Terminal 21 you will be feel like you have entered a very fancy and well looked after airport. Not just any airport though, it is a shopping centre airport.

A man in a crisp white uniform, including hat, will open the door for you while saluting formally. On each floor you will find arrival and departure boards full of information of up and coming events. The lingerie parade seems like something not to miss.

There are also beautiful women dressed as stewardesses offering Terminal 21 Passports to shopping patrons. The passports are actually shopping directory booklets of what we can find on every floor.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Rome

Each floor of Terminal 21 is themed after either a country or a city - San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Caribbean, London, Paris, Rome, Istanbul and Tokyo. They take the decorating seriously. For example, the London floor had the Underground signs everywhere as well as the famous telephone boxes, double decker buses and Burlington Arcade. The planners really did a great job.

Although we weren't cool enough to be in this shopping centre, it was a pleasant surprise nevertheless. If you really like to shop, come here. There are heaps of cool shops on every floor and we hear the toilets on each floor are also themed. Wish we had of gone to them.

Visit the Terminal 21 Website to see how you can get there easily - click here.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall - Tokyo

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