Cleared For Take Off

Well, Happy 2009 to all!

yes, i am well aware I am 16 days late in saying the above πŸ˜€ lazy lazy me!

I now have 10 working days left, and 30 days in total until Andrew and I jump on that plane, leaving at 4pm in the afternoon of the 15th Feb 2009 to Thailand via Malaysia OH MY GOLLY GOSH!

To be honest, I spent 2 days this week, 13/14th jan totally stressing out, teary and edgy, anxious etc about what we were about to embark on – all because I chatted with mum about saki puss moving down to their place. Talking about installing a cat door to the shed door got me going! And yes, she will be allowed inside the house, even though dad keeps saying NO! he'll give in πŸ˜€

Ok, what are we up to? Well, finally we received our Federal Police Clearances – see ma and pa, i am not that bad! Then completed all the visa paperwork for Thailand, sent that off, and after a phone call I made everyday, I am pleased to say that our Visa Applications have been accepted, and our Passports are heading back in the snail mail as we speak! On this note alone, I feel the need to give the big UPs to the Thai Consulate in BrisbaneΒ – if anyone in Australia reading this blog, no matter who you are, if you ever need a Visa for Thailand, GO THRU THESE GUYS – about 20 phone calls I made to them, and each time, they happily answered my questions, were very pleasing – so not used to this type of customer service (isn't this what I am meant to do as a living?)

Anyways, for all those asking what our actual travel plans are – here is an idea πŸ™‚

Friday 30th January – Tanya finishes work – WHOOP
Monday 2nd February – Tanya and Andrew drive down to Gelorup with Saki Puss and a very full car!
Tuesday 3rd February – Andrew goes back up to Perth as he still has Programming to do, I stay and move saki puss into the folks place, spend time with the family, probably have a cry and then get all excited again, yeah you all know me well!
Saturday 7th February – Tanya's back up to Perth, lunch with the peeps πŸ™‚
then, from then till the following saturday, mega clean out of house, wash walls etc, sell Andrew's car, etc etc etc!
Saturday 14th February – Lunch with our loving families
Sunday 15th February – 4pm – WE FLY OUT! – spend the night in KL
Monday 16th February – Arrive in Chiang mai, Thailand, staying at the Oasis Hotel in Chiang Mai – stay here for a week, and look for an apartment to rent

Monday 2nd march 2009 – our course starts – goes for 4 weeks

Right, I believe that is enough information for now!

Love you all, Tanya and Andrew


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